About The Baron

Hi, my name’s Adam Redsell and I like to make things.  Whether that be art, music, poetry or blog entries, I’m not fussed – I love them all.  That’s half my problem, I can’t commit to one love over the other before one starts to show more cleavage, bat her eyelids, and bend over to rummage through the bottom drawer. To put it bluntly, I’m a creativity slut, and writing is just one of my many mistresses.

Now seemed like a good time to put in a picture of Megan Fox.

Now seemed like a good time to put in a picture of Megan Fox.

I do like to write, though.  A lot.  I like reading comics as well, which is handy seeing as this website’s all about reviewing them.

You may have noticed I don’t rate comics on a 4-star scale, a 5-star scale, a 10-point scale, a percentage scale, or even on a tomatometer.  That’s partly because I’m an arty-farty fool who spits in the face of convention, eats boundaries for breakfast, and washes it down with a nice, warm cup of rules.  I’m a maverick.  The other part is that I’d prefer you actually read my review rather than have it all boil down to a score.  That way I don’t have whiny little bitches for readers telling me, “you should’ve given this a 9” or “why did you give this an 8 when you gave that a 7 the other day?”  I’ll be damned if you’re gonna hold me accountable to a number!  No, I’d rather just tell you whether it’s enjoyable or not – and that’s really all that counts in comics these days, innit?

Chances are, if I’m reviewing it on this site, then it probably is enjoyable at any rate.  In these harsh economic times, I’ve tempered my freewheelin’ comic-buying ways.  As a general rule, I just stick to my favourite authors, or my favourite books.  Take Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern for instance – never skipped a beat, not once in four years.  You’ll be seeing a lot of GL reviews as a result.  I have made a few bad purchases in my time, though, and I’ll be sure to let you know should it happen again.  I didn’t get Most Annoyingly Harsh Critic 2008 on IGN for nothin’.

Speakin’ of which, you can find some other examples of my writing around the traps, and I’ll plug a few of ’em here:

I am the Blog of ZUR-EN-ARRH! – My Mainblog. Mostly about videogames, sometimes about film, comics, music and whatever I find entertaining.
EVERY GAME…EVER – We’re on a mission from God to review every videogame. Ever. Beginning with the Super Nintendo catalogue.
Too Long; Didn’t Read – Humorous feature article-type things.

If you like what you read, drop me a line and let me know.  If you’d like to offer me a paid writing position on your website [chyyyeah, right], shoot an email over to: muddy DOT red AT gmail DOT com.

If you’d like a well-constructed sandwich, I could help you out, but I can’t give you my real address.  Otherwise the bad people will come.

In the meantime, enjoy!

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