Superman Saves Family Home.

For real. A couple facing foreclosure had their fortunes reversed when they found a copy of Action Comics #1 in their basement.

Action Comics #1 is better known as the first ever Superman comic, and the progenitor of the entire superhero genre. Needless to say, it is pretty much the most significant comic book of all time, and very, very valuable.

The anonymous family found the comic while packing up their home, due to a bank’s foreclosure proceedings. Fortunately, they knew better than to sell it at a garage sale, and contacted Stephen Fishler, co-owner of ComicConnect and Metropolis Collectibles in New York. Fishler is well familiar with the title, having brokered a copy of Action #1 for a record-breaking $1 million in February this year, only to break that record again with the sale of a second copy for $1.5 million in March. This particular copy will be displayed and officially graded at the San Diego Comic-Con, where Fishler expects it will garner a VG+ (‘Very Good’) rating. Fishler also expects the book to fetch upwards of $250,000 when it goes up for auction through ComicConnect.

The house in question had been in the family since the 1950s, and it will probably stay in their possession for a while longer, thanks to the Man of Steel.

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