SDCC: The Suicide Squad Game is not for children (or the faint-hearted).

At the San Diego Comic Convention’s “DC Focus” panel, Geoff Johns has revealed that a videogame featuring the Suicide Squad is currently in development by Warner Bros. Interactive.  He described the game as “hardcore violent”, which would not surprise regular readers of the title.

It is presumed the game will launch to coincide with the feature film also in development, with Sherlock Holmes producer Dan Lin attached to the project.

For those not in the know, the Suicide Squad is a team of ex-villains and misfits, recruited (often by force) to perform the U.S. Government’s top secret dirty work.  The book was very much modeled after The Dirty Dozen, albeit with a rotating roster of characters, most prominently Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Captain Boomerang.

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